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Facing a broken pipe emergency? Age, weather, and even material can lead to leaks and bursts in galvanized steel, PVC, copper, and other types of pipes, especially in older homes. No matter the cause, H.C. Edwards Plumbing in Red Oak, TX is here to help.

Trusted expertise for over 40 years. Our experienced plumbers are equipped to tackle any broken pipe repair quickly and efficiently, minimizing damage and restoring your home’s plumbing. Call us anytime at 214-862-0225 for fast and reliable service in Red Oak, TX and the surrounding areas.

Save Money by Replacing or Repairing Old Pipes

Concerned about your aging pipes? Homes with older galvanized steel plumbing are prone to leaks and breaks. H.C. Edwards Plumbing Company in Red Oak, TX can help! We offer broken pipe repair and can recommend an upgrade to more durable materials like PVC. Our experienced plumbers will assess your situation quickly and provide a fair, honest estimate.

Don’t wait for disaster! Ignoring damaged or corroded pipes can lead to leaks, water damage, and costly repairs. Whether your pipes are suffering from rust, root intrusion, weather, or clogs, H.C. Edwards Plumbing offers fast, reliable solutions. We can even use camera inspections to diagnose hidden problems.

Get peace of mind today! Call us anytime at 214-862-0225. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency repairs in Red Oak, TX and surrounding areas. We’ll help you avoid future plumbing headaches and restore your home’s comfort quickly and efficiently.

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Facing a broken pipe emergency in Red Oak, TX? Don’t panic! H.C. Edwards Plumbing is here to help. We’re your trusted source for fast, effective repairs on any type of broken pipe, whether it’s busted, rusted, or otherwise compromised. Call us today at 214-862-0225 to schedule an appointment and get your plumbing back on track quickly.

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Extremely knowledgeable and diligent plumbing company. Jason not only made needed repairs, he also discovered, corrected and explained errors made by a previous contractor. Thank you very much, sir!!


Excellent service! Jason helped replace 3 bad water heaters. He really came to my rescue in an emergency situation. He Was very honest and dealt with the warranty issues himself. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Jason was great! He was not only able to come out on the same day but was incredibly honest and open about what needed to be done. He was genuine and straightforward. Highly recommend for anyone in need of reliable and honest plumbing services!