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Red Oak Residents: Don’t Let Burst Pipes Cause Winter Woes!

Frozen pipes can lead to a plumbing nightmare, especially with burst pipes causing major damage. That’s why H.C. Edwards Plumbing Company is here to help! We’ve been serving Red Oak for over 40 years, and our experienced plumbers are experts at burst pipe repair.

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No matter the time, day or night, we’re available for emergency calls to get your plumbing back on track quickly. Don’t wait for a small leak to turn into a major problem – call us today at 214-862-0225!

Protecting Your Pipes, Saving You Money

Avoid Winter Plumbing Disasters!

Protect your home from the dangers of frozen pipes this winter. Pipes made of any material – PVC, copper, or steel – can burst when water freezes and expands inside them. This most often happens during freezing temperatures, especially in unheated areas like basements, attics, and garages. Even interior pipes can freeze if not properly protected.

Here’s how to prevent frozen pipes and costly repairs:

  • Insulate exposed pipes in unheated areas.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to circulate.
  • Drip a cold faucet slowly to keep water moving through the pipes.
  • Maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout the day and night.

Ignoring frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes and expensive water damage repairs. Take action now to avoid winter plumbing problems! However, if a burst pipe does occur, H.C. Edwards Plumbing Company is available 24/7 for fast and reliable repairs. Call us at 214-862-0225 anytime.

What happens when pipes burst?

Burst pipe? Disaster alert! Shut off your main water supply, open faucets to drain, and call a plumber ASAP to minimize flooding and water damage. H.C. Edwards Plumbing: 214-862-0225, available 24/7.

What are signs of a burst pipe?

Burst pipes can hide! Watch for sudden flooding, weird water pressure, discolored/smelly water, higher water bills, or sneaky mold growth. Call H.C. Edwards Plumbing (214-862-0225) to stop the leak before it causes major damage.

What causes pipes to burst?

Winter chills can burst your pipes! Cold water freezing inside expands, especially in weak spots. To prevent disaster, keep a slow drip running in faucets during freezes and open cabinet doors to let warm air circulate around enclosed pipes.

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Extremely knowledgeable and diligent plumbing company. Jason not only made needed repairs, he also discovered, corrected and explained errors made by a previous contractor. Thank you very much, sir!!


Excellent service! Jason helped replace 3 bad water heaters. He really came to my rescue in an emergency situation. He Was very honest and dealt with the warranty issues himself. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Jason was great! He was not only able to come out on the same day but was incredibly honest and open about what needed to be done. He was genuine and straightforward. Highly recommend for anyone in need of reliable and honest plumbing services!