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Clogs can happen anywhere! From your kitchen sink to the shower drain, even deep within the sewer lines, blockages can form. These clogs, along with tree roots invading underground pipes, can lead to serious problems like leaks, pipe breaks, and even sewage backups.

Don’t wait for disaster! Keeping your drains flowing freely is vital for a healthy plumbing system. If you have a stubborn clog, H.C. Edwards Plumbing in Red Oak, TX is here to help. Our experienced professionals are skilled at clogged drain cleaning. Call us anytime at 214-862-0225 to schedule an appointment. We’re available for emergencies Monday through Saturday.

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Fast and effective clogged drain cleaning! At H.C. Edwards Plumbing in Red Oak, TX, we understand the urgency of clogged drains. Unattended clogs can lead to pipe damage, leaks, and even water damage if not addressed quickly. Our skilled team will work swiftly to clear the clog and get your plumbing functioning properly again.

Hidden clogs don’t stand a chance! Many clogs occur deep within your plumbing system, hidden from view. To locate these hidden blockages, we use specialized camera inspections. These cameras, attached to flexible rods, allow us to pinpoint the exact location of the clog, whether it’s in a drainpipe or behind a wall.

Sewer line woes? We’ve got you covered! Multiple clogs or blockages in less-used areas could indicate a sewer line issue. Tree roots are a common culprit, causing leaks and backups. Our expert sewer services include professional cleaning to remove these blockages and prevent future problems. Call H.C. Edwards Plumbing Company today at 214-862-0225 to schedule an appointment.

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Clogged drains got you down? Don’t wait for a bigger mess! H.C. Edwards Plumbing in Red Oak, TX is here to help. Our experts are skilled at clearing clogged drains quickly and effectively. Call us anytime at 214-862-0225 to schedule an appointment and get your drains flowing freely!

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Extremely knowledgeable and diligent plumbing company. Jason not only made needed repairs, he also discovered, corrected and explained errors made by a previous contractor. Thank you very much, sir!!


Excellent service! Jason helped replace 3 bad water heaters. He really came to my rescue in an emergency situation. He Was very honest and dealt with the warranty issues himself. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Jason was great! He was not only able to come out on the same day but was incredibly honest and open about what needed to be done. He was genuine and straightforward. Highly recommend for anyone in need of reliable and honest plumbing services!