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Professional Toilet Clog Cleaning

A clogged toilet can be a sign of a blockage, particularly if it overflows or seems like it might overflow after flushing. While tackling a clog yourself can be messy, it’s important to clear it as soon as possible, especially if sewage backs up. Clogged toilets can damage your pipes and pose a health hazard.

If you’re in Red Oak, TX, and need fast and effective help with a clogged toilet, call the professionals at H.C. Edwards Plumbing. They can get your toilet working properly again quickly and safely. Don’t hesitate to call a plumber, especially if you’re dealing with a sewage backup. H.C. Edwards Plumbing is available for emergency calls Monday through Saturday. You can reach them by calling 214-862-0225.

Causes of Toilet Clogs

What clogs toilets the most?

Our plumbers at H.C. Edwards Plumbing Company have seen it all, from children’s toys to the unexpected. But most often, the culprit behind a clogged toilet is something much more common: everyday items like paper towels, wet wipes, and feminine hygiene products. These don’t break down easily in water and can quickly create a blockage in your toilet drain. To avoid these clogs, remember the “three Ps”: only flush pee, poo, and (toilet) paper.

Dealing with a stubborn clog?

If you’re facing a clog that won’t budge, don’t hesitate to call H.C. Edwards Plumbing in Red Oak, TX at 214-862-0225. While excess human waste rarely causes clogs, if it’s involved, it might indicate a deeper blockage in your sewer line. We can use a camera inspection to diagnose the problem and get your drains flowing freely again.

Hard water and low-flow toilets

Hard water can also contribute to clogs over time due to mineral buildup. Consider a water softener to prevent this. Additionally, some older low-flow toilets may be more prone to clogs. If you have a low-flow toilet that frequently clogs, we at H.C. Edwards Plumbing can also repair or replace it for you.

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If your toilet is clogged and overflowing in Red Oak, TX, it’s best to call a professional plumber. They can quickly and safely clear the clog to get your toilet functioning properly again.

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