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When gas lines rupture or develop leaks, natural gas becomes a hazardous issue demanding urgent attention. If you detect a gas leak, prioritize contacting your gas provider immediately to halt the gas supply.

In need of gas line repair services in Red Oak, TX? Look no further than H.C. Edwards Plumbing. Our skilled professionals will swiftly and securely mend your gas lines, alleviating your concerns. Reach out to us Monday through Saturday at 214-862-0225 for prompt assistance.

Our Gas Line Repair Services

Don’t hesitate to reach out to H.C. Edwards Plumbing Company whenever you require gas line repair in Red Oak, TX. A damaged gas line poses serious risks, potentially leading to hazardous leaks. Our team prioritizes your safety and will swiftly respond to your call, ensuring prompt and effective repairs. Once the line is restored, we’ll thoroughly inspect it to guarantee its safety, functionality, and absence of leaks.

Our skilled plumbing professionals are adept at repairing gas lines for a variety of appliances, from stoves to fireplaces to water heaters. Safety is paramount, particularly if you detect the smell of gas in your home, indicating a potential leak. In such cases, promptly contact the gas company to shut off the gas and evacuate the premises until repairs are completed. Attempting DIY repairs can be perilous and may result in explosions. Trust the expertise of professionals like those at H.C. Edwards PlumbingPlumbing to handle the situation safely and effectively.

Furthermore, if you’re considering adding a gas line for a water heater or any other appliance, rely on our team for gas line installation in Red Oak, TX. Experienced professionals ensure that every installation is carried out securely and up to code, prioritizing safety at every step.

Regardless of the plumbing service we provide, you can expect nothing but excellence from H.C. Edwards Plumbing. We hold our customers in high regard, always placing their needs first. Additionally, our pricing is competitive, ensuring quality service that is also budget-friendly.

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For swift, reliable, and secure gas line repair in Red Oak, TX, trust the experienced team at H.C. Edwards Plumbing, your local trusted professionals. Whether it’s a stove, fireplace, or any other gas-powered appliance, we’re here to ensure efficient and safe repairs. Schedule a service call or request a quote today by calling 214-862-0225.

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Extremely knowledgeable and diligent plumbing company. Jason not only made needed repairs, he also discovered, corrected and explained errors made by a previous contractor. Thank you very much, sir!!


Excellent service! Jason helped replace 3 bad water heaters. He really came to my rescue in an emergency situation. He Was very honest and dealt with the warranty issues himself. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Jason was great! He was not only able to come out on the same day but was incredibly honest and open about what needed to be done. He was genuine and straightforward. Highly recommend for anyone in need of reliable and honest plumbing services!