THANK YOU JASON!! May 24, 2019 at 7:00pm. My wife calls me on the road and tells me there’s a flood in the kitchen. As I’m sure you can imagine she’s panicked and I begin to panic as well. This occurred on a Friday evening at our home in Waxahachie. I must have called over 10 ‘24hr plumbers’. Some answered some didn’t but none where taking action. That’s when I came across Jason from HC Edwards plumbing. Great guy, understood our situation, was there in less than 20 min!! I’d also like to add that he had just pulled into a family members driveway to spend time with his family prior to taking my call. DO NOT waste your time with other plumbers. Jason is the best.
Edward's plumbing replaced a water faucet on the front of my sons house. Jason was prompt, courteous, efficient and reasonably priced! I would highly recommend!