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Similar to other components of your plumbing system, sewer lines are susceptible to clogging and blockages. When blockages occur, prompt cleaning is crucial to prevent unpleasant backups. Sewage backups can cause damage to your home, contaminate your water supply, and pose health hazards.

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While clogged drains can impact the sewer line, blockages in the sewer line are often caused by roots or debris. These blockages can lead to recurring clogs in various drainage points, such as tubs, showers, or toilets, eventually resulting in sewage backups. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs or backups, prompt sewer line cleaning is essential. In case of a backup, immediate sewer line cleaning is imperative. For emergency assistance, reach us at 214-862-0225.

Sewer line cleaning typically involves snaking the line using a plumbing auger, which effectively clears most clogs. For severe blockages, hydro-jetting is a highly effective option. This method utilizes high-pressure streams of water to dislodge roots, debris, and other obstructions.

In cases of significant damage, sewer line replacement or repair may be necessary. We offer a comprehensive range of repair and replacement options, including trenchless repairs that minimize excavation to expose the lines. Trenchless repairs or tunneling are particularly recommended for addressing slab leaks beneath your home’s foundation.

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Extremely knowledgeable and diligent plumbing company. Jason not only made needed repairs, he also discovered, corrected and explained errors made by a previous contractor. Thank you very much, sir!!


Excellent service! Jason helped replace 3 bad water heaters. He really came to my rescue in an emergency situation. He Was very honest and dealt with the warranty issues himself. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Jason was great! He was not only able to come out on the same day but was incredibly honest and open about what needed to be done. He was genuine and straightforward. Highly recommend for anyone in need of reliable and honest plumbing services!