Get Swift Burst Pipe Repair

As Native Texans, most of us aren’t accustomed to that winter weather that brings lots of ice and snow. Nor are we ready to need burst pipe repairs. But, for whatever meteorological reasons that have occurred, we’re getting accustomed to this, like it or not!

Burst pipe wreaking havoc? Don’t let water damage escalate! Act now! H.C. Edwards Plumbing‘s expert team is on standby 24/7 for swift burst pipe repairs in Red Oak, TX. Dial our emergency hotline at 214-862-0225 for immediate assistance. Protect your property—call us now and let our professionals fix the issue before it worsens!

How serious is a burst water pipe?

Not all burst pipes are noticed immediately, and those are the worst ones to have! If you notice a water pipe busted, you can take steps to stop the damage from happening. A burst water pipe that goes unnoticed or unrepaired can do a few things:

  • Water damage
  • Water rot
  • Water bill increase
  • Water wasted

Along with the water damage, you can start experiencing an infestation of insects and critters. Mildew and mold form and spread, causing breathing issues and more. It is important to have burst pipe repairs done immediately, even if a temporary repair is better than nothing until you get a professional plumber on the job.

Can a broken pipe be repaired?

It depends on the location and severity of the break. Small issues like loose fittings, which isn’t a ‘break’, but can still cause water damage, tightening the fitting will typically fix the problem. This is something that many homeowners can do themselves, but if the damage is extensive or in a compromising location, call a professional plumbing service for burst pipe repair service.

What should you do if a plumber isn’t available immediately?

If you can’t get immediate plumbing service you can do a temporary patch repair yourself using epoxy putty, rubber tape, or pipe clamps. How do you use tape for a burst pipe repair? Plumbing pipe leak tape can be used on common piping materials like metal, plastic, and rubber.

Plumbing pipe repair tape comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is a strong adhesive. Silicone tape is the most recommended one for repairing pipe fractures. leaks. It forms a watertight seal around the pipe that won’t break or allow leaking.

The first step in using silicone burst pipe repair tape is to remove the old gasket. Next, measure a strip of the tape that will cover the problem area, then attach it to the pipe, followed by reattaching the gasket.

How long does pipe repair tape last?

Using the proper silicone burst pipe repair tape makes a great temporary solution. It has been known to last for years. However, while this makes a great immediate burst pipe repair solution, it is only meant to be temporary. Follow up with a professional plumber to inspect the pipe and make any long-term repairs they recommend. There could be the possibility of something else causing the burst that should be repaired.

What is the best way for a burst pipe repair?

A burst water pipe can lead to a lot of water damage that can become an expensive issue. As soon as you notice a burst pipe, turning the water off at the main is the first thing to do. This will top any further water damage and allow you to assess the problem.

The following are the steps a professional plumber will take for proper burst pipe repairs:

  • Locate the Damage
  • Drain the Water Pipes
  • Cut Out the Damaged Section
  • Clean Metal Burrs Off
  • Cut the Replacement Pipe to Length
  • Clean the Pipe With Steel Wool
  • Add Flux To Pipe & and Connect the Pipes
  • Using Propane Torch, Heat the Fitting and Pipe
  • Melt the Solder
  • Turn On the Water
  • Check for Leaks


How long does a burst pipe repair take?

Several factors can affect the time it takes for a burst pipe repair job, like if the burst pipe is frozen, if is it underground or under the house, in the foundation, inside walls, etc. Burst pipe repairs can take between 4 hours and 24 hours.

What is the difference between a pipe leak and a pipe burst?

A pipe leak is the one that isn’t always noticed right away. They are caused by a small crack or hole, maybe a loose fitting. You will typically notice a leaking pipe by small amounts of water on the floor or inside the cabinet. A burst pipe is typically a larger opening and water is flowing or shooting out of the damaged area freely. In either situation, leaking or burst pipe repairs should be done as soon as possible, again, even a temporary patch until the plumber arrives.

What does it sound like when a pipe is about to burst?

There is a thin line between a leaking water pipe and a busted water pipe, but the results can be the same if not addressed soon. When a water pipe busts, clanging and rattling sounds are often included. If you suspect you have a busted pipe, burn off all the faucets and listen for dripping or rushing water sounds.

Call a Professional for Burst Pipe Repair

If you suspect even the smallest water leak, perhaps from an increased water bill, or a drop in water pressure, call the professional plumbers at H.C. Edwards Plumbing. We can inspect all the water lines in, under, and throughout your home for possible leak or burst water pipe repair in Red Oak, TX. You can reach us at 214-862-0225.